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Benefits Of Dance In Young Children

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

Benefits of dance in young children

Why should you enroll your child in a dance class?

Dance is so much more than just a great physical activity. Dance prepares your child in so many ways. It may come as a surprise to discover how valuable an early dance education can be and how it can make an impact on the rest of your child's life.

1. They become stronger and more flexible

Any kind of physical activity helps to make your child stronger. Dance also focuses on flexibility, endurance and overall body awareness.

2. They learn to focus on details

When your child attends dance class, over the years, they will learn to pay attention to details. Which arm is the teacher using? Where is her focus? What foot are they using? This attention to detail will carry over and your child will start to become more observant in the rest of the world.

3. Their confidence grows as well as responsibility and time


For many new dancers, the dance class is their first real classroom experience. They start to feel secure in moving around their space, learning new steps and interacting with their instructor and fellow dancers. As they grow, the dancer learns responsibility and time management by having to make time for homework, friends, school activities, and sometimes other sports. 90% of our high school dancers are A students.

4. Their improvisation and creative skills grow

In dance class from an early age through graduation, the dancer uses improvisation. At first this is 'free dance' or 'make up your own dance', but as they get older, improvisation becomes more structured. They learn to move through space, work with levels, rhythms, soft and sharp movements, the list is endless! It allows the dancer to understand the movements that they are capable of, and utilizing every part of their bodies.

5. They train their musical ear and ability to remember

During dance class, your child will have to count music. Most dance steps and choreography is set to certain beats and counts. This allows the dancers to stay together in uniform fashion and also make a more dynamic dance. They will also have to remember the movements. Not only mentally, but also physically. By repetition, your child will improve their muscle memory and focus more on the quality of their movement.

6. It helps develop their concentration

During dance class your child will learn to concentrate on what the instructor is saying, on what movements they should be executing and on trying their hardest in class.

7. They work on mathematical skills. Counting, shapes,

directional and positional concepts.

As stated above, the dancers will be dancing to counts. In the dance world we only use counts 1-8, and then it goes back to 1. The children will learn to move in different directions, and also different positions.

8. Make new friends, learn to work with others and most of all

it's FUN!

During dance class, some of your children's best friends will be their dance friends. They comprise of children from different schools, towns and walks of life. The thread that weaves them together is their love of dance. That bond stays longer than graduation when everyone leaves to attend different colleges and universities.

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