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We are looking for dedicated, talented dancers looking for exciting opportunities  to compete and perform!!

About SVDC Competition Teams

SVDC's competition teams are comprised of  several teams based on ages and/or abilities.  


Our team members attend dance competitions where we consistantly receive high scores, top honors, specialty awards and many choreography awards.  We also participate in local performances and benefits. 


Why Join SVDC

SVDC Dancers have increased opportunities to improve their technique , gain valuable performing experience, increase confidence and self-esteem, showcase their talents, earn awards, make new friends, and most importantly HAVE FUN!! Competition team dancers are held at a higher standard and classes move at a faster pace.


We compete in 3-4 competitions per year, and at local events like Iron Pigs Games.  Dancers also have the opportunity to participate in master classes or multiple conventions throughout the year to improve their technique.

Attire / Shoes for Audititon

Attire: Leotard, sports bra or booty shorts, tights optional.  NO pants, t-shirts or sweatshirts

Shoes: Foot undies, jazz shoes or barefeet.




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