May 16th



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SVDC offers competitive dance teams for the more serious and dedicated dancers. The company dancers are made up of the studios top talent. Our training for our company teams is an intensive program of the highest quality.  SVDC's competition program gives dancers the opportunity to experience a team environment and build memories that will last a lifetime with their competition family.


Competition try outs are held every May-Aug. The SVDC Competition Teams perform at local community events and school functions, as well as traveling and competing at regional and National dance competitions. Our competition teams consistently place in the Top Ten at competitions, receive multiple specialty awards, costume and choreography awards, and dance scholarships. The success of our competition teams is directly contributed to the competition instructor/coaches; Holly Brucker, Kristen Hancz, Melissa Diehl, Lindsey Sanders, Olivia Brucker and Alex Pobiedzinski.!!! 


In order to continue to create mature movement vocabulary, confidence and artistry within our dance family, we are reformatting our competition teams to produce outstanding technique training and to solidify a cutting edge and stylistic identity in our dancers to keep up with todays dance world.  

The competition team requirements will be made up of required classes including semester electives, and choreography classes.



All teams will be required to take one hour of ballet technique, They will also be working on a ballet dance for the recital in this class.


In addition, the Ruby, Amethyst and Diamond teams will be required to take semester technique classes (Sept-Mid Jan) (Mid Jan - June).  Some classes include (depending on level/age):

- Cleaning Choreography - Focusing on ways to improve your technique and self clean your dance from the start

- Turns - All things turns from spotting, preparation, posture, we will cover ALL turns from beginner to advanced

- Leaps - Leap into perfection!  Learn new leaps and ways to improve your leaping ability

- Improv - Moving within your space, this class focuses on spatial awareness and moving outside of your comfort zone

- Tricks - Tricks for your choreography! Learn and perfect tricks that can be incorporated into your group and solo/duo dances.

- Audition Process - Do you have what it takes to audition?  We will go through the whole process as well as mock dance auditions

- Modern - Learn different modern techniques

- Latin Dance - Are you ready to strut your stuff?  Learn the history and basics of Latin dance

- Student Choreography - So you think you can choreograph? Our student choreography walks you through the process for creating dances.  We will have a 'student showcase' to commence our student choreography elective

- Heels Class - A popular form of dance today and used throughout the industry on Broadway and on cruise ships.  

By focusing on specific classes for a longer period of time, this allows the dancer to gain better muscle memory and consistent understanding of the topics.


Along with Ballet and the semester technique classes, students will be chosen for choreography classes, these include Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop or Tap.  These classes compete at competitions and perform in the recital.



The 2021 Summer Dance Experience is also required of all competition teams.

Optional classes available for the dancers are Acro and Pointe. Dancers are also encouraged to take an optional solo/duo or trio.

There is an audition fee of $30 which will be applied towards 2021 Registration.  If you do not make the competition team, the $30 fee will be refunded.  On the portal please go to Mid Season Classes to find Competition Auditions


Eye Make Up Application


* Eye Shadow - Black or Dark Grey or Dark Navy

* Eye Shadow - White or silver

* Black eye liner 

* Mascara (or false eyelashes for the older girls)


1. Draw a line with your eye shadow (or if you have an eyeliner the same color) outlining the outer eyeball area and meeting with your upper lid liner


2.  Fill in the lined area with your dk eyeshadow color to form a 'triangle like' area.


3. Fill in the rest of the lid with a white or silver.


4. Blend the two colors together with a brush.


5. Also apply white/silver to the area right underneath the eyebrow.


6.  outline the eye with black eyeliner (you don't have to line the inside of the eye, or inner part of eye)  For the little girls, if eyeliner is a problem, you can also use a black eyeshadow.   


Do NOT apply dark eyeshadow over the entire will make their eyes sink into their face