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Eye Make Up Application


* Eye Shadow - Black or Dark Grey or Dark Navy

* Eye Shadow - White or silver

* Black eye liner 

* Mascara (or false eyelashes for the older girls)


1. Draw a line with your eye shadow (or if you have an eyeliner the same color) outlining the outer eyeball area and meeting with your upper lid liner


2.  Fill in the lined area with your dk eyeshadow color to form a 'triangle like' area.


3. Fill in the rest of the lid with a white or silver.


4. Blend the two colors together with a brush.


5. Also apply white/silver to the area right underneath the eyebrow.


6.  outline the eye with black eyeliner (you don't have to line the inside of the eye, or inner part of eye)  For the little girls, if eyeliner is a problem, you can also use a black eyeshadow.   


Do NOT apply dark eyeshadow over the entire will make their eyes sink into their face

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