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27th Anniversary

Dance Recital

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Dress Rehearsal: Thurs. June 9

Recital: Sat June 11, 1:00 pm & 6:30 pm

Welcome to our 2022 Dance Recital Information Page!

  We are estatic to annuounce that our dance recital will be held at Zoellner Arts Center at Lehigh University.  We were so fortunate to be able to secure such a professional facilty for our annual recital.  From the stage to the lighting masters that we are able to work with, this will be an unbelievable experience for each and every dancer.  We are looking forward to celebrate our 27th recital under the direction of Miss Holly.

This page should provide you with ALL the information you need for our upcoming dance recital.  If you have any additional questions please see the front desk.

The recital is a dancer's SUPERBOWL

Every single student is a part of the SVDC family.  If you are new or a returning parent please take the time to read this information and make note of all of the important dates.

Class songs to practice, costume pictures, class costume requirements including hair and makeup and more can be found on your parent portal by clicking the button below

Zoellner Arts Center
420 E. Packer Ave
Bethlehem, PA 18015
Dress Rehearsal - Thurs. June 9 
       Twinkle Stars - 5:15       
       Act I- 6:00
       Act II- 7:00

Recital - Sat. June 11, 1:00 pm & 6:30 pm

Our annual recital is an exciting event for students, staff and parents.  The children have worked very hard all year and are excited to showcase what they have learned.  For parents new to SVDC, our studio’s dedication and commitment to excellence over the past 27 years has made our recital an outstanding event, from our professional lighting and sound to our dedicated back-stage crew, we take great pride in this annual event.

Following, you will find all of the information you need for this exciting time of year.  If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to a staff member.  



Ticket sales start on SATURDAY MAY 28th.  They will be ONLINE and tickets will be reserved on a first come, best seat available basis.   Online orders will start at 12pm.  All accounts must be paid for the year (including June tuition), in order to purchase tickets.  You will receive an email with the link to purchase tickets on the morning of Saturday, May 28th.  Because this facility has plenty of seating, Each family is allowed UNLIMITED TICKETS.

Ticket price...$19.50 in advance, $21.50 at the door.   All seats are RESERVED SEATING.  If dancers will be watching the show, they will need a ticket.  If you have a child under 3, they will not need a ticket if sitting on a lap.  If they occupy a seat, they will need a ticket. 

ALL MAY & JUNE tuition (including past due balances) must be paid by May 27th.  You will not receive a ticket code to purchase tickets until your account is paid in full (unless you are on auto-pay.  Auto-pay for June will go through June 1st and you can still purchase your tickets in May))



Every year we print a special recital t-shirt commemorating this exciting event!  This year’s t-shirts will be available to order online and will also be available at the recital, but in limited quantity, so please make sure to place your orders in advance! You can order here:  RECITAL T-SHIRT ORDERS 



Our annual dance recital will be professionally videotaped.  This year we are going to have them available on USB.  Both shows will be on the USB.  The cost of the USB is $35.  For the safety of our students and integrity of our choreography, videotaping is not allowed during the recital performance.  You can order in your parent portal under the online store.  



The following applies to Pictures, Dress Rehearsal and Recital.  All children need to wear makeup as performance and camera lighting can make the skin look very pale.  For the younger girls, blue eyeshadow, blush and red lipstick.  Make sure to gel and hair spray hair for a sleek and professional look.  Buns and hair pieces should be secured with bobby pins. Older girls – No black or colored bras straps, nude only! 

NO Jewelry of any kind (unless otherwise instructed), NO nail polish, NO underwear under tights.

This is for the uniformity and professionalism of our dance recital





Will be at the Zoellner Arts Center


Twinkle Star classes……….5:15 pm

Act I ………………6:00

Act II ………………7:00

We will not be rehearsing competition solo’s during dress rehearsal 

We schedule a dress rehearsal so our students can become familiar with the stage and to ensure proper lighting, sound and direction.  Please make sure you are on-site and in full costume/makeup/hair by your designated time. 

No Video taping is allowed during dress rehearsal and we ask that only one parent accompany each child.


Our shows run approximately 2.5hrs long with intermission.  We ask that all audience members exit the auditorium when the show is ovr.

**** Please note – The recital line up is final.  There will be no changes to accommodate personal schedules, please do not ask.  It's hard to accommodate multiple dances for costume changes.  


  • Please arrive at the Auditorium 30 minutes before performance time.  Doors open to the public 30 minutes before performance time. 

  • COSTUMES ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE AUDITORIUM or anywhere outside of the “backstage area”.  Please cover up when in public, costumes are for stage only.

  • Doors to the auditorium will only be opened BETWEEN NUMBERS.  Please be courteous to our performers and proceed to the exit during the applause and refrain from any unnecessary exit/entry.  Ushers will be available at all doors to assist.  A majority of ushers are through the Zoellner Arts Center and they are very strict with this policy.  This is proper theater ettiquitte.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO VIDEOTAPING IS PERMITTED DURING RECITAL.  You will be asked to leave the auditorium. 

  • Only 1 parent/guardian will be allowed in the backstage area when picking up/dropping off your child.  Please be advised that dressing rooms are GIRLS only, if your child needs assistance please ask another dance Mom, or talk to our desk staff prior to the recital.  Please make sure the dressing rooms are tidy and picked up after when the recital is finished.  If your child is under 10, please do not leave them unattended in the dressing room. Everyone  must be picked up after their dance number.

  •  NO pictures or selfies in dressing rooms, you will be asked to leave.

  •  If you have any questions/concerns during Dress Rehearsal or the Recital, please see one of our backstage staff (not Miss Holly). 


*  Please make sure to drop your child off at least 9 numbers before their performance.  You can pick up your child after

    they dance.  We do not have babysitting services backstage as our parent volunteers also want to see the show

   after their child dances.  Older children are not allowed to hang out in the dressing rooms if they are finished dancing.

*  Please make sure to clean up after your dancer in the dressing room. 


We are looking for Classroom Moms for each performance for ALL Twinkle Stars and Combination Stars classes.  Responsibilities include staying with the class at all times, line ups, walking them backstage, and walking them back to the dressing room after their performance.  Classroom Moms must stay with the entire class until all children have been picked up.  With this, comes the added perk of watching your child from the wings of the stage – the best seat in the house!  Please see the desk to sign up


We are looking for ushers for all performances.  You may volunteer for as little or as many performances as you like.  Ushers will be handing out programs and monitoring the entry/exit at either our main or side doors as well as helping with ticketing and intermission.

If you are interested in being an usher please see the desk to sign up.


Thank you and we look forward to seeing our fabulous dancers on stage!!!

Miss Holly

Director SVDC

Saturday ACT I - 1:00 pm

  1. Without You

  2. Pure Imagination

  3. Waves

  4. Mickey Mouse

  5. Riding Free

  6. Corners

  7. Black Sea

  8. Tick Tick Boom

  9. Let's Groove

  10. Jumpin Jumpin

  11. Dive In The Pool

  12. Follow Me Into The Dark

  13. Rescue

  14. Hopelessly Devoted

  15. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

  16. Do The Mermaid

  17. Money

  18. Bottom Of The River

  19. DOn't Worry About Me

  20. Paquita Variation6: Andante

  21. A Whole New World

  22. Be A Light

  23. I Feel Like Drowning

  24. Iko Iko

  25. The Giving Tree

  26. Masquerade


Saturday ACT II - 1:00 pm

  1. Everlasting Love (Daddy/Child)

  2. Cruella Deville

  3. SOS

  4. End Of Time

  5. Sally's Song

  6. Journey To The Past

  7. Baby Shark

  8. All I Am

  9. Coppelia: Act I

  10. 2022 Graduates

  11. Buried

  12. Dancee Monkey

  13. Reign

  14. What A Feeling

  15. Drop It

  16. Dreams

  17. Super Mario

  18. Kingdom Dance

  19. I Feel Good

  20. You Can't Hurry Love

  21. Me Too

  22. Jailhouse Rock

  23. Love In The Dark

  24. Lead The Way

  25. Meant To Stay Hid

  26. Paquita Allegro

  27. Sailing

  28. Little Bitty Ones

  29. The Way I Do

  30. Violin Mix


Saturday ACT I - 6:30 pm

  1. Without You

  2. Out Out

  3. Waves

  4. Mickey Mouse

  5. Riding Free

  6. Corners

  7. Flickers

  8. Tick Tick Boom

  9. Let's Groove

  10. Already Gone

  11. Dive In The Pool

  12. Call Out My Name

  13. Rescue

  14. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

  15. Do The Mermaid

  16. Money

  17. Fear Of The Water

  18. The End Of Love

  19. Paquita Variation 6: Andante

  20. A Whole New World

  21. Be A Light

  22. Gravity

  23. Iko Iko

  24. The Giving Tree

  25. Masquerade


Saturday ACT II - 6:30 pm

  1. Everlasting Love (Daddy/Child)

  2. Cruella DeVille

  3. SOS

  4. End Of Time

  5. Fabulous

  6. Sally's Song

  7. Journey To The Past

  8. Baby Shark

  9. Fix It To Break It

  10. 2022 Graduates

  11. Coppelia: Act I

  12. Dance Monkey

  13. Human

  14. Mystery Of Love

  15. Drop It

  16. Dreams

  17. Super Mario

  18. Kingdom Dance

  19. I Feel Good

  20. Me Too

  21. I'll Be There For You

  22. Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride

  23. Incomplete

  24. Lead The Way

  25. Paquita Allegro

  26. Dreaming

  27. Little Bitty Ones

  28. Dancing With Your Ghost

  29. Violin Mix

Theatre Etiquette

As art educators, we feel that it is our responsibility to teach young people the appropriate audience etiquette.  This also makes a more enjoyable performance for all audience members.  These guidelines make sure our dancers give their best possible performance without distractions.

* Please refrain from talking during dance performances

* Enter and exit only between numbers

* All phones should be turned off or on silent

* All restless or crying infants should be removed from the performance area.

* For the safety of our dancers and integrity of our choreography, no photos or videos are

   allowed to be taken.

* Please be kind to our volunteers they are also parents of dancers and just want the best

   performance for their children and are helping to make that possible.

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