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Parent Handbook

SVDC takes pride in the level of excellence of its students and the studio.  These policies are set up to provide equal treatment of all dancers and to make all students and parents aware of what is expected of them.  We will always do our best to help resolve any situations that arise, so please come to us with any questions or concerns;  we can not solve problems if you do not make us aware of them no matter how small you may think they are.


Special Information for Parents of Preschool Students

Our purpose is to provide the highest-quality preschool education in a secure, nurturing, and stimulating environment. SVDC serves the physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of the preschool students. We meet these goals with our age-appropriate curriculum and ongoing communication with parents.

The first few weeks of classes serve as an introductory phase to help students become comfortable with the overall dance experience, the classroom, their teacher, and their classmates.  Right from the beginning we focus on your child’s coordination, listening skills, musical awareness, and developing imagination. We accomplish this through age-appropriate music and song, simple stretching exercises, ballet and tumbling basics, and games in an environment of creativity. Preschool students will also incorporate simple Tap and Ballet Technique at this level.

Preschool dance is about helping children learn to tap into their imaginations and express themselves creatively, not necessarily about learning steps (although they do get introduced to introductory dance technique).   Don’t be disappointed if your child doesn’t pirouette around the house or look like a budding ballerina right away.

Preschool students perform one dance routine in our annual recital.


Separation From the Parent

The process of separating from the parent as the child attends dance class is an important accomplishment of preschool children.  As children mature, they begin to identify themselves as independent personalities. In separating from you, the parent, your child is learning

• to develop an interest in the activities of the dance class;
• to feel comfortable with other children in the class;
• to understand that his/her parent will come back and pick him/her up;
• to understand that all parents leave their children and come back for them.

It is important to know that at times young children will explore the limits of attending dance class and say they don’t want to go. This period may occur anytime, but it is usually short-lived. Here are some suggestions that might help you handle the situation:


• Emphasize what the child is doing at the dance class rather than what you do while he/she is in class.
• Before you leave, see that the child is involved in an activity or is in the hands of a teacher.
• Avoid prolonged good-byes.
• Ask the teacher for help in separation. We expect the crying (and usually the tears are for the parent’s benefit and stop when the parent leaves the room).


It May Not Be the Right Time

If your child cries or does not want to take class, don’t panic. If we push children and create more stress than they are already experiencing, they may come to perceive dance class as a bad experience. That kind of negativity could make them apprehensive about dance for a long time, which isn’t good for anyone involved. Never force your child into the classroom.

If your child stops attending class within the first month, we encourage you to have your child try again next year.

We recommend that children be encouraged to practice at home but not forced to do so. Repetition is one of the key elements for success with preschool dance students; the more they practice, the more confident they will feel. Practicing with your child allows you to join in the dance experience.  


Understanding Dance Education

As a parent, you play an important role in supporting your student financially, but your emotional support is of equal—and perhaps even greater—value. Encourage your child to be the best that he or she can be regardless of what others may achieve. Dance is an individual art form and children need to be allowed to achieve at a pace that’s comfortable. No two students will progress at the same rate, even if they experience the exact same training. It’s important to encourage children to focus on themselves, give their all, and be satisfied with their own accomplishments, not compare themselves with other students.

Not all children will develop into professional dancers. One of the primary goals of our faculty is to teach life lessons and skills that offer children the best chance for success. Dance education encompasses far more than technique and the steps your children will learn. We believe the discipline of dance training gives young people a better understanding of commitment through learning, experiencing the spirit of teamwork, and discovering what they can accomplish through hard work. Our goal is to educate the minds, bodies, and souls of our students, teaching them the skills needed for a successful life, whether or not they stay involved in dance.


Medical Information

Parents must notify the director/and or teachers regarding children who use an inhaler, have food allergies or who may require medications during their time at SVDC. It is also important to inform the director and/or teachers about your child’s existing medical conditions or learning disabilities at the time of registration and throughout the school year. Our teachers are trained professionals who are conscientious to work with all children and personalities, the more we know about your child, the better the dance experience will be for all involved. All information about our students is confidential.



We work hard to make the dance experience organized and fun. Keeping you informed is one of our primary goals. Please read ALL newsletters and other school information.  Newsletters and important updates will be emailed to you.  Please make sure we have the correct email address in the parent portal. 



We are constantly updating our website. News, important parent and student information, contact information, and more are available online 24 hours a day.


Facebook Page

“Like” the Saucon Valley Dance Conservatory on Facebook to receive updates on school events. Please invite your family and friends to “like” the school.

Please do not post questions on the school’s Facebook page. Instead, please email them directly to

Weather Cancellations

School closures due to severe weather conditions will be announced by 2m on that day. Notifications of weather cancellations will be posted on the website and the Facebook page, and on  You can also sign up for Remind, which is a text messaging service.


Dress Code Requirements

SVDC maintains a dress code to encourage concentration and a sense of inclusiveness (variations in attire can be distracting and contribute to feelings of inequality). Uniformity in dancewear allows the teachers to assess how well the students are implementing the technique being taught, problems with alignment, and other important aspects of dance training.

  • Students should carry their dancewear, shoes, and other belongings in a dance bag. Please print your child’s name on the bag as well as inside ALL shoes.

  • Dancewear is to be kept in good repair and laundered on a regular basis.


  • Watches, jewelry, and safety pins should not be worn to class.

  • Dance shoes should never be worn outside.

  • Female students should wear their hair tightly secured and styled away from the face; a neat bun is preferred.

  • Students are expected to observe good personal hygiene habits. Deodorant is required for students age 10 and older.



Tuition is based on 34 classes per year.  In most cases classes will meet from 34-36 times.  If any class meets less than 34 times, a make-up lesson will be scheduled.  All classes meet once a week for 45 min. unless otherwise stated.  Any tuition not paid by the 10th of the month will incur a late fee of $5.  Tuition is due whether the student is present or not.  There will be no refunds for missed lessons, However, in case of sickness, classes can be made up by attending another class. All tuition for June must be paid prior to ticket sales in order to purchase your tickets.  If tuition is not paid, your child cannot participate in the recital.  The last weeks of classes are focused on the students and recital, not collecting payments.  There is a $30 fee for all returned checks.

Costume Payment

Costume payments run anywhere from $71-$85 per costume, depending on the class.  A costume deposit of $45 per class is due by Oct. 15th.  The balance is due November 30th.  If the payment is not made, we can NOT order your child a costume, and they will not be able to participate in the recital. Any payment made after December 15th will incur a 10% late fee per costume per month.  We also offer a 'bundled' Package you may participate in.  Included is your costume amount, a recital t-shirt and a recital DVD.  That total cost is divided up into 7 months and added on to your tuition.  (ex: one class costume, Recital T-shirt, Recital DVD = $15 per month added to your tuition October until April.  After April, your tuition would drop to the regular amount.)


There is a minimum tuition for one month of dance classes, regardless of how many classes the student attended during that month.  No refunds for unused lessons will be given.  Please inform the school in writing or email when withdrawing your child.  If you are enrolled in EFT (automatic payment) it will continue until written notice is given to SVDC. Until SVDC receives this action you will still be responsible for all tuition and applicable late fees will be accessed. If efficient notice is not given EFT monies will be forfeited.  If you withdraw from a class before costumes are ordered, you will receive your deposit back and not be responsible for the amount of the costume, if you withdraw from a class AFTER costumes have been ordered, you are responsible for that full amount, and you will receive the costume when it arrives at the studio.




In April or May, a professional photographer will be at the studio to take class pictures of the children in their costumes.  This will take place during their class time.  The children should come dressed in costumes, with proper shoes and tights, hair done the way the teacher explained, and make up applied at home.  No jewelry or fingernail polish should be worn for pictures.  (SVDC reserves the right to use any picture in advertising or in their website unless otherwise stated.)


If any child(ren) or parent(s) displays any type of bad sportsmanship, or verbally slanders SVDC, the instructors, teammates, or other dance groups in or out of the studio they will be warned once and then asked to leave the studio depending on the severity of the act. SVDC has zero tolerance for gossiping and those who participate in it in or outside of the studio.   Any student that physical injures any other student or instructor will be asked to leave the studio.

Ticket Sales

Ticket sales for our annual dance recital will take place in May.  We utilize an online ticketing system where you can order your tickets from the comfort of your home.  More information will be giving closer to that time.


Our recital is a grand event!  It is held at the Scottish Rite Cathedral which allows the children a professional theater experience!  This is the most exciting time of the year, it’s the time for your child to SHINE!  Our recital packet will be distributed in April.

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