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Parent Participation Week

Parent Participation Week

Come and experience dance class with your child!


Instead of parent observation week, we will be holding parent participation week!  This is a chance to help teach our parents to dance!  Parents are invited to participate in class with their child (1 parent only, another parent may watch). 

Please make sure to check which date your dance instructor will be participating in parent participation week.







APRIL 16-20


   Classes for:

* Miss Stephanie (all classes)
* Miss Holly (Tues / Thurs classes only)
* Miss Cheyenne




APRIL 23-27


   Classes for:

* Miss Jamie (all classes)
* Miss Miranda 
* Miss Holly (Wed classes only)
* Miss Alyssa


There will be no parent participation week for competition classes or technique classes. Instead you will be able to view your child's class.  Parents are welcome to participate in all Ballet classes.

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