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YAY!!! The 7 Day Split Leap Challenge is here!


Before we start, have a parent take a picture or short video of you doing a leap.  Remember a leap is taking off of one foot and landing on the other, making sure both legs are straight.  The video below demonstrates a leap.

Once you have a pic or video, upload it to SVDC google drive here

1. Kick Pass

The video below is a kick pass exercise.  You will need to do kicks to the front 20x, to the back 20x, and to the side 20x.  

2. Straight Leg Skips

The video below demonstrates straight leg skips.  Make sure to try to bring the leg down slowly or hold it for a second to build up strength.  Repeat 20x.

3. Splits

To end Day one I want you to do your Right, Left, and Straddle splits.  Make sure to hold them for 20 seconds.


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