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YAY!!! The 7 Day Split Leap Challenge is here!


You guys are doing an awesome job!  I LOVE the pics and videos that you uploaded!  I am soooo excited to see what they look like after this challenge.

1. Kick Pass Drill

Repeat the drill we did on the first day.  20 kicks to the front, 20 kicks to the back and 20 kicks to the side.

2. Alternating Split Leaps

You want to do a right split leap, a left split leap and a right split leap all without taking a step in between.  Repeat that 5x.

3. Split Jumps

Jump and split legs with the right leg 10x and then with the left leg 10x

4. Splits

To end Day two I want you to do your Right, Left, and Straddle splits.  Make sure to hold them for 20 seconds.

Keep Working Hard!

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