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Level 1

* 1 1/2 hr class consisting of Ballet, Contemporary, Tap



Competition Requirements & Tuition

For our competition requirements, there will be a set of 'Core classes' everyone must take.  Our instructors will be placing each student in a specific core class based on their abilities.   For example, if we place someone in Technique in Core 3, we might feel they are not as strong in Ballet and place them in Core 2 for the Ballet class.  It doesn't matter the childs age or how many years dancing with the studio, our placements are an evaluation from auditions, work in the classroom, performances, and attitude.  If a child is placed in a higher level then what they can handle, they will never be able to grasp some of the core basic technique, making them struggle and never achieve their potential.  At this level of training, we supply the students with the knowledge, they need to apply it to themselves.  That includes work ethic in class and practice outside of class.  This is the number one reason some students progress faster than others.


Level 2 (Intermediate)

    * Ballet Choreography

    * Technique Class

    * Jazz  Class

    * Contemporary Class



Level 3 & 4 (Advanced)

    * Ballet Technique

    * Ballet Choreography

    * Technique Class

    * Stretch and Conditioning

    * Contemporary Class

    * Jazz Class

    * Hip Hop Class

    * Tap Class


1-3 classes :  Follows regular tuition schedule

4+ classes:  $33 per class

* If 2 children in a family are part of the comp team, the 2nd child will receive 10% off of classes (not solo/duo/trio).

* Specialty classes (solo/duo/trio) follows regular tuition schedule.

* If taking 5 or more classes, performance team is free

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