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YAY!!! The 7 Day Split Leap Challenge is here!


Do you see your kicks a little higher? A little straighter? Keep working towards your awesome split leaps!

1. Alternating Split Leaps

Repeat this drill that you did yesterday, it's a hard one, but will get those leaps higher!  Do 5x

2. Connected Sissone

Sissone is a jump from 2 feet landing on 1 foot.  Make sure to hold the back leg out nice and straight (and don't forget to point your toes!)

3. Needle Kicks

Repeat your needle kick exercise from Day 2.  Do 20x

4. Splits

To end Day two I want you to do your Right, Left, and Straddle splits.  Make sure to hold them for 20 seconds.

Keep Working Hard!

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