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YAY!!! The 7 Day Split Leap Challenge is here!


Only two more days to go! Have you been working hard?  I am so excited to see your progress.

1. Leap The Creek

Repeat this drill from Day 2.  You can use tape or rope to jump across your 'creek'.  Try to hold your leg up in the air longer after you land.  Do 20x

2. Kick Combo

We are going to combine a few of the exercises we have been working on over the past 4 days.  Repeat the combo 5x

3. Running Straight Leg Skip

You are going to take 3 runs and do a straight leg skip.  Repeat with both legs 20x

4. Splits

To end Day two I want you to do your Right, Left, and Straddle splits.  Make sure to hold them for 20 seconds.

Keep Working Hard!

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